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Performance Improvement

Successful organisations have continuous performance improvement programs.  It is frequently embedded in the DNA of that organisation, i.e. a culture of excellence.

In a financial sense improvements may be measured against capital, e.g. Return on Risk Adjusted Capital (RORAC), revenue, e.g. sales volumes, or costs, e.g. marginal unit cost. Whereas, for customer relationship and service, and human resource management, 3rd party supplies and agents there are other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are used. Combined these measures should be benchmarked against industry best practice as they provide the Scorecard that Boards and Executive need in managing the business.

Whether it is performance improvement through process improvement, new or marginal increases in revenue, or through changes in personnel Chairmont has the experience and capabilities in this area. Chairmont has a range of tools that we use. See Case Study Budget Diagnostic that outlines our approach to improving planning and budgeting with the consequential downstream effects on making managers accountable.




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