We have a Long Tradition of Implementing Sound Commercial Advice on a Wide Variety of Matters in a Wide Range of Industries
From debt risk premium benchmarking for a Government regulator to mergers and acquisitions advisory in the resources sector.


In the past the issue was whether the technology was available to address a business requirement. Today, the technology is looking for a business problem to solve.  For example, behavioural and consumer trends, e.g. social media have technological implications for organisations wishing to better market and communicate with their customers. Cloud computing, mobile phone and internet applications are opening new opportunities to organisations and consumers.


Chairmont has worked with a number of leading edge technology companies and has assisted them obtain patents, identify market opportunities and bring that technology to market, e.g. Natural Voice Speech recognition.  Chairmont has solid contacts in Silicon Valley.

A 'Big Data' World

As information sets have grown in size, business intelligence software has evolved from simple "Off-Line" or "Batch" processing systems to highly sophisticated "On-Line Real-Time" analytical tools and reporting systems.

The benefits of being able to manage very large datasets of social media and other content is being able to identify the "hidden patterns" and unknown relationships of such content and provide organisations with valuable customer and market information.

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