Information Technology

Information Technology(IT) is a branch of engineering dealing with the use of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data.

Examples of IT responsibilities include the installation of networks; network administration and security; the design of web pages; the development of multimedia resources; the installation of communication components; the oversight of email systems; and the planning and management of the technology lifecycle by which an organization’s technology is maintained, upgraded, and replaced.


  1. Project Risk Management Review

    The risks associated with developing complex business projects are many and varied, and need to be closely managed to ensure that the projects satisfy their corporate objectives and realise the business benefits required.

    Conducting a risk management or quality assurance review of a major project helps to ensure that the risks associated with the success of the project are identified and managed in a timely manner.

    Project Risk Management Review Presentation.pdf

  2. Project Risk Management Review Questionnaire

    The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide an independent quality check on the level of success, efficiency and effectiveness of the management and delivery methods of a project. It will highlight project successes and assist in identifying areas of potential improvement for future projects.

    This questionnaire is categorised into the various segments of a projects life cycle and it explores the key matters of organisational culture and project governance.

    It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

    Project Risk Management Review Questionnaire.pdf