Web Based Serviceability Calculator

Written by Michael McAlary

Service Area: Program and Project Management

Industry Sector:  Financial Services - Retail Banking


The main responsibilities were:

  • Build a loan serviceability calculator for retail and business banking that would comply with Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority's (APRA) standards.
  • Develop scorecards and benchmarks that could be universally applied.
  • Develop workflow and web forms to support data entry and reporting.
  • Install the serviceability calculator across multiple branches.


The main challenges were to:

  • Overcome differences in overseas lending practices.
  • Work to an APRA imposed deadline.
  • Manage a relatively unsophisticated client with regard to the IT development process.


The main achievements were:

  • Developed, tested and implemented an effective solution within deadlines and budget.
  • The new software system greatly improved the uniformity of credit policies across branches.
  • The reporting included alerts for data integrity issues to ensure correctness of reporting.